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By the time Carlo Goldoni wrote il Servitore de due padrone in 1753, the once vibrant and endlessly inventive Commedia Dell'Arte was fading away in Italy. In France, however, the Commedia continued not only to flourish but to evolve. One of the most enduring innovations introduced by the French was the new and entirely fresh character, Pierrot.


While this adaptation follows Goldoni’s text, it tries also to include more of the improvisational spirit of the original Commedia, including praising the town in which the performance was taking place while mocking locations in other parts of the country, and including names of town dignitaries.


In the play, Truffaldino is a servant with a voracious appetite that can never be satisfied. When he has the opportunity to become servant to two masters, he willingly accepts the challenge, thinking he will now be able to eat twice as much and perhaps also experience the love of a beautiful woman.


Full-Length Play, Comedy

3 f, 8 m


Contact Tom Ziegler for rights to stage a production of this play.

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