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In Alcoholics Anonymous “the ninth step” requires that the alcoholic make amends with those they have hurt by their drinking. Joanna Wheeler feels she is ready to take this step with her 16-year-old daughter, whom she has not seen in six years since her court-enforced hospitalization and subsequent divorce. Bolstered by the support of her AA sponsor and neighbor, Eleanor, she proceeds to muddle through the day, making many of the mistakes she had hoped to avoid. The appearance of one of the girls from St. Jude’s Refuge, where Joanna volunteers each weekend throws an even bigger wrench into the mix.

"In The Ninth Step, Playwright Tom Ziegler masterfully mingles a woman's journey (step by step) to self-honesty and her attempt to ask forgiveness from her 16-year old daughter in a crucifer of flame and emerges with a strong piece of theatre that packs a low-slung wallop." - Ronn Mullen, Backstage


Full-Length Play, Drama

4 f


Contact Tom Ziegler for rights to stage a production of this play.

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