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The American Stage Co. and the Hudson Guild Theatre both had hits with this romantic comedy. Mertle Mae Tucker supports herself, her dad, a canary and a blind cat working as a truck dispatcher. Dad was once a New York Yankee baseball player, but he spent the 1955 season on the bench and then retired rather than be traded to Cleveland. He lives in a demented twilight zone, walking around in his pin-striped pajamas talking to his daughter as though she is Casey Stengel. When she decides to “better herself” and take a night class in literature, she meets and falls in love with Frank, whom she introduces to her dad as Mickey Mantle. Through twists and turns, Mert and Frank work toward a compromise that they can handle, and even Dad has a part in the decision.

"Beguiling." - New York Post

"Delightful." - Christian Science Monitor

"Lexington’s Tom Ziegler is a gifted playwright. He has a ferocious way with one-liners. He exhibits a finely honed sense of the ridiculous. He creates comic characters that linger in the heart. He knows that the line between comedy and tragedy is exceedingly fine.” Roy Proctor, The Richmond News Leader

Full-Length Play, Comedy

1f, 2m

Publisher: Samuel French

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