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The Subway Series _Tom Ziegler _8-5x14in_Final.jpg

A young woman is supporting herself and her father in New York City working as a truck dispatcher. Her father’s claim to fame was that 30 years ago he was a member of the New York Yankees baseball team the year they played the Brooklyn Dodgers in the historic Subway Series of 1955. His problem was that he never made it to the field but sat on the bench throughout the series. Instead of allowing himself to be traded to Cleveland following the series, he opted to take his earnings and buy a trucking company. A disastrous accident with a forklift left him alive but “not all there.” 


Through an evening class in literature, Mert meets and falls in love with a man who sets out to fix all of her problems, including finding a suitable place for her father.


PAGE Awards Semi-Finalists – 2009


Contact Tom Ziegler for screenplay or production rights.

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