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"In this drama, transplanted career woman Gloria Greenwood volunteers to give hospice care to terminally ill Grace Stiles when she opts to die at home. Grace approves her grandson's sale of the family farm, but when her nursing home roommate dies, she decides to live out her final days on her farm and Gloria and fellow volunteer Rosemary are assigned to look after her at home. Against hospice rules and the wishes of Grace, Grace's grandson Roy and Gloria's husband David, Gloria becomes personally involved with Grace, trying to find a way to get Grace a better price for the sale of her land to the developer, Mr. Anders, and even opts to look after her even when Grace refuses to sign the hospice contract. As Grace nears death, the women bond over shared losses and encourage each other to be the champion of her own fate."  


“The Paley Center in New York.” The Paley Center for Media, Web. October 2021. 

Awarded the Christopher Award presented to films and television which “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.”

This screenplay is not available for production. All rights are owned by Hallmark Hall of Fame.

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