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"I listen to people talk and then recreate their style and subject matter in my characters."

Tom Ziegler
Washinton And Lee University
Page International Screenwriting Awards 2009
Page International Screenwriting Awards 2012
New York Screenplay Contest

The bread and butter of playwriting is emotion

Tom is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and teacher. His notable stage works include Grace and Glorie, Mrs. Kemble’s Tempest, Home Games, The Last Resort,and The Ninth Step. Tom taught playwrighting at Washington and Lee University and was awarded the Anece F. McCloud Award for Diversity in Education by Washington and Lee University for his work in attracting minority students to the arts.


Ziegler will tell you, “I’m a writer. I write men, women, old, young – it doesn’t matter. Over the years I’ve learned to be a terrific listener and am delighted to see a group of actors assemble and bring life to these phantoms of mine that I had never envisioned.”  

Grace & Glorie

Grace & Glorie

Beth Grant as Grace and Melissa Paige Hamilton as Glorie.

Directed by Cameron Watson, the Colony Theatre Company, Burbank, California


Mrs. Kemble's Tempest

Mrs. Kemble's Tempest

Jane Ridley as Fanny Kemble. 

Piano by Josh Harvey. Directed by Jere Hodgin


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