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Stanley Malone is a part-time bartender and a part-time business student in his hometown of Joliet, Illinois. It would be an understatement to say he’s pretty excited. In one week, he will graduate from college, marry his fiancé, Sharon, and go to work in his future father-in-law’s grocery store. That’s why he wasn’t expecting the impact a young, mysterious woman would have on him when she walks into the bar that evening and says, “Excuse me. Just for tonight… you would be my brother?”

The story rocks between that night Stanley spent with Vicky in 1965, and 20 years later when Stanley celebrates his 20th anniversary to Sharon. Through the entire time period, Stanley has struggled with the same torturous dilemma – was it a lie not to really lie; is it ever too late to change your life?

Full-Length Play, Comedy

3f, 2m

Contact Tom Ziegler for rights to stage a production of this play.

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